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Targus Versavu iPad Case[7]

The iPad case market is a fierce one, with hundreds competing with your dollars, a case needs to have something unique to stand out. Targus, the brand known for making high-quality backpacks has released an iPad case with a difference. The Versavu iPad Case features a 360 degrees rotation circle which allows for iPad viewing in any orientation.

The Good

Where many iPad cases fall down is the lack of support for both landscape and portrait orientations. While we as users would like every app to support both orientations, the reality is that many don’t. By rotating the iPad, while inside the case, you can position it as required.

While it can fold flat, there’s three increments for viewing angle adjustment. I’ve found the lowest works best for typing, while the highest notch works best for viewing at a distance. The designers of this case also left room for the camera and side controls to be operated easily without having to remove the iPad from the case.

The Bad

Now for the downsides. While construction of the case is solid and protects the iPad, that does come at a cost. The case adds a noticeable amount of weight (430g, the Wi-Fi only iPad weighs 652g) and almost triples the width of a case-free iPad. That faux leather case also acts as a protective water-resistant barrier, it’s certainly not water-proof, but would survive the odd rain drop.




Overall the case is a great design, offering the flexibility of viewing styles, all while proudly displaying the Apple logo. Given this case is specifically designed for use with the new iPad, its important to point out the iPad 2 also fits. Unfortunately, it does lack the necessary magnets to enable Cover Unlock. If you can live with the downsides, this is a great case at a decent price.

The Targus Versavu iPad case sells around A$55 and comes in Black and Charcoal Grey.

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