Hackett suggests how to get an NBN fibre outcome on a copper budget


    The future of Australia’s largest infrastructure project, the NBN is in for nervous times with an impending election. Thankfully Simon Hackett of Internode has risen above the FTTN vs FTTP and Labor vs Coalition plans for the network. Instead Hackett uses data and some basic maths to determine how we may be able to achieve a Fibre outcome on a Copper budget.

    Hackett suggests a few ways in which the build cost, build time, and operating cost of the FTTH NBN could be lowered (perhaps dramatically lowered) by auditing the entire existing design and by applying the fruits of some lateral thinking about what is really needed to make the network work – and what the network can do without.

    The talk happened yesterday at the CommsDay Wholesale and Data Centre Summit in Sydney, but you can watch it below.

    More @ Simon Hackett’s blog.

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