Speedtest now have a 5G Map, 303 locations from 20 providers

We’re all familiar with Speedtest.net, the service that allows you to test your internet speed from desktop and mobile. The site has just expanded to add a new 5G Map, showing the global state of 5G rollout.

In Australia, we have 12 locations with some variety of 5G. This is made up of 1 in VIC, 4 in NSW, 3 in QLD, 1 in SA, 2 in TAS and 1 in WA. Telstra and Optus are currently the only 5G operators in Australia, both with limited availability of 5G networks in 12 cities, many of these in the more populated coastal regions.

Internationally there’s already 303 deployments of 5G from 20 different network operators. Ookla, the company that runs Speedtest.net say they update the map weekly with the information available to them about 5G as deployments occur.

If you’re in any doubt of what’s possible with 5G, then check out this speedtest result. A speedtest on Verizon in Chicago achieved a stagger download speed of more than 1Gbps and 58Mbps. The ping wasn’t as impressive as I had expected, at 37, it’s still many multiples higher than what we expect from home connections.


You can find out more information at http://www.speedtest.net/insights/blog/ookla-global-5g-map/

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