Supersmart updating the checkout with AI

    An Israel-based startup Supersmart is trying to use deep learning algorithms to improve the shopping experience. The technology is designed to let you have the contents of your basket (and even shopping trolley) scanned without removing and repacking your goods at the point of sale.

    Supersmart have developed a unique engine that scans products and can detects them, despite only being able to see a portion of the packaging. Using Deep Learning algorithms, basically throwing millions of product images from a variety of angles, to recognise the product. The service is would dramatically improve the POS customer experience by significant reducing the time taken.

    The opportunity for businesses is to not only have happy customers, but be able to process more sales per hour, while importantly cutting down on miss-allocation of items at self-serving check outs.

    It’s a different take to what Amazon are offering with Amazon Go. That system works by analysing CCTV footage products removed from the shelf and charged to your account, which means you can roll your trolley out the door, also without unpacking and repacking.

    SuperSmart are at Viva Technology looking for Financial Partners and B to B customers. Founded in 2014, they are currently running live pilots worldwide.

    For more information, you can head to

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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