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    New Tesla Optimus video shows more than a 1min of unassisted walking, on the same day Figure gets funding from Bezos, Nvidia and OpenAI

    Elon Musk has just shared a new video of Tesla's humanoid robot, Optimus, walking the factory floor. In the video, we see a very large development studio and the latest version of Optimus walking unassisted for 1 minute and 18 seconds at a very impressive speed. Unfortunately, the video quality was 224p, not exactly the quality you'd expect to show the best of what's...

    REVIEW: DJI Mic 2 Review: A content creator’s dream wireless audio solution

    DJI is best known for their drones, and more recently its sports action cameras but is quickly getting a name for itself with audio products. The second generation of their wireless microphone system, the DJI Mic 2, delivers on what a second-gen product should, a marked improvement on the first attempt, largely thanks to responses to user feedback. We first saw the Mic 2...

    5 technology trends to watch in 2023

    With a new year upon us, it's worth looking forward to what we can expect during 2023. The world of technology continues to move...

    The insane tech behind Sydney’s Vivid Light Festival, 110 projectors, 230M pixels across 27 sites over 23 nights

    Vivid Sydney is an amazing light festival that illuminates Australia's largest city for almost a month. While millions will experience Vivid, not as many...

    The 2022 F1 Australian Grand Prix is being powered by Lenovo technology

    Today is race day at the 2022 Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne. If you're at the track, or watching from across the world,...

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Gidgets, the first NFT collection by techAU

    For months now, I've seen an increasing number of people posting about NFTs. After watching from the sidelines, I decided it was time to...

    How technology has improved temperature sensors

    Technology is playing an important role in improving the sensors used in measuring temperature, along with an array of other sensors used in business...

    Aussie fintech company Afterpay just got acquired by US-based Square for $39 billion (all stock)

    Australian financial service Afterpay allows customers to buy now and pay later (over 6 weeks with zero interest) and has become common place with...

    Australia is playing a trailblazing role in property technology

    The property market is just another area where technology is booming.

    Tesserent partners with UNIQ YOU to encourage females into cybersecurity careers

    Australian cybersecurity comapny Tesserent has announced today they are forming a strategic partnership with Queensland-based not-for-profit UNIQ YOU. The goal of this new partnership is to...

    Audi’s all-electric A6 Etron concept looks amazing, now don’t screw it up

    Audi's just shown a great car, now let's not screw that up.

    The best tech to bring on your next Outback Adventure

    Travel tech for your next trip.

    Brisbane-based Prohelion announces partnership with Tritium for solar car tech

    Brisbane-based Prohelion announces partnership with Tritium