techAU app for Windows Phone 8 now available

    techAU WP8 app

    The techAU app for Windows Phone 8 is now available. Our writers spend a lot of time and effort in writing content and we want to make sure that you can consume that content in as many places as possible. The app features a clean, bold design that delivers the latest news, reviews and episodes of the podcast.

    After releasing the Windows 8 app last year, it has been a huge success, now passing 11,000 downloads, the next place to hit was mobile. The first version is fairly limited, but I have already started work on the next version. In the future, the app will add categories and Disqus comments as well as sharing. If you have suggestions for new features, then please leave a comment below.

    The app is available now in the Windows Phone Marketplace, it’s free to try, or A$0.99 to buy.

    Download techAU WP8 app

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