The next Halo will be in 4K and run 60FPS, yes please!

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Halo developers 343 Industries have announced they’re hiring. Normally a game development studio hire wouldn’t be important news, as it happens everyday, but this position is special. The new career opportunity as a Lead Graphics Developer at 343i, lists under the description, that the successful candidate would be pushing the visual bars to inconceivable levels on future FPS Halo titles.

While we hope every new game comes to the Xbox One X with 4K60 and HDR support, its only when we get official confirmation that we can know for sure. Given the timeline of the latest Redmond console, there hasn’t been a Halo title since the Xbox One X shipped. That means this job advertisement is the first real confirmation that Halo fans will be playing the next title (whenever that ships) in glorious Ultra-high definition running at a slick 60 frames per second.

Those paying attention to the Xbox One X Enhanced titles will know some parts of the Halo franchise have been retroactively updated to 4K graphics, but a brand new game designed from the ground up with the new hardware capabilities of the Xbox One X should be a big step forward.

The detail of the job goes on to list ‘If stunning 60 Hz 4k graphics gets you excited, this is the right job for you.’

If you’re actually interesting in applying for the position, not just getting excited about playing the next Halo, then you’ll be required to meet the following:



  • Lead a team to deliver on all graphics features
  • Collaborate closely with content teams on features and problem solving
  • Partner with team leads to provide a long-term plan and vision for graphics
  • Develop and grow engineers to reach higher potential
  • Aid in the architecture and implementation of our game engine


Basic Qualifications:

  •  7+ years of programming experience

Other Requirements:

  • At least 7 years of C++ professional experience
  • Experience shipping AAA current generation games
  • Experience with compute, DX11, DX12, or 8th generation console GPU programming
  • Graphics, mathematics, debugging, problem solving, and communication skills
  • BS degree or 3+ years of work experience

Of course there’ll be some fringe benefits like playing and unreleased Halo build all day and calling it work.

More information at via WindowsCentral

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