UNBOXING: The 49″monster ultrawide, Samsung CHG90, 32:9 144Hz gaming monitor

If you’re a gamer, than you’re intimately familiar with multiple monitor setups and therefore understand one of the biggest issues, the bezels. While they’ve been shrinking over the years, having 2 bezels, regardless of how trim, will never compete with a single, ultra-wide display that has a seemless screen that consumes your field of view.

Samsung sent me their amazing (also absolutely ludicrous) 32:9 CHG90, which is a massive 49″ QLED gaming monitor, that runs at 144Hz. This afternoon I unboxed the beast and for those yet to see it, below is a gallery of the unboxing.

As you can imagine, there’ll be plenty of additional posts on the experience of gaming on this display, along with a full review, but for now, enjoy the gallery and leave any questions you have in the comments.

If you want to find out more about the display, check out the details at Samsung Australia.

The massive box.. time to open
49″ of goodness awaits
The scale of this is hard to convey.
Top of the box warning..
Instructions v2
Lets start with accessories..
Stand, cables etc..
Samsung cable ties..
Display port, HDMI, USB3.0, power.
The back waiting..
Foam support removed
First peak.. rear mount.
Port options..
Rear light ring and stand / wall mount
Fancy mount ring cover
Stand closeup
Stand attached
4x phillips heads and we’re done
Bottom of stand, easy screws
Stand cover attached
First look at the finished product.. wow!
Lots of curves
QLED (matches my TV)
Another view of the sexy curves
Rear view (covers on)
Front view
Installed in the office.. ready to turn on.
Ultrawide lock screen
Running ultrawide.. (had to find a new wallpaper)
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