V8 Supercars gets retina display, still lousy graphics

V8 Supercar iPad app

The V8 Supercars iPad app just got and update to support the new iPad’s retina display. It’s been a few months now since the iPad 3 shipped, so expect an increasing number of developers shipping similar updates. The app also now features new track maps including the new pit lane format for Barbagallo. Expect Eastern Creek to be added in the coming months.

You can see from the screenshot from the app that more attention to the textures used in the app than the pixel count of the retina update. We know from games like Real Racing 2 HD how good 3D cars and environments can look, so its basically a question of dollars and developers.

The app has taken some criticism for it’s free download, but cost per round. V8 Supercars replied to the criticism with this statement.

Hi everyone. The app has free elements including news, driver info, session results and track info however for the live timing and 3D track positioning plus live text commentary you will need to purchase the championship pass at $14.99AUD (Priced at $1 per V8SC round).

Download the app from iTunes: http://goo.gl/qjH6D, or if you already the blurry version, just update it.

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