Vic government spend $23 million to put Vista in schools

    I love it when Australian stories hit the front page of digg. Our very own Victorian government have decided they will move to using Windows Vista in schools. This is one of the largest corporate implementations of the latest Windows OS. As the article suggests most businesses have been hesitant to make the change from XP. The writer, Stan Beer is very clearly not a fan of VIsta, I’d prefer to simply look at the facts of this story and the implications it has for other business.


    Going forward I think many will be watching with keen eyes as to how this implementation goes. If businesses are going to start moving to Vista, it’ll take success stories from businesses who’ve been there, done that to begin building traction for a more widespread move to Vista. I applaud the Vic government for standing up and taking the lead, let’s hope we don’t here a story in 6 months that they’ve changed their mind.

    In the consumer world more and more people are buying new PC’s with Vista pre-installed, it won’t be long, if not already, that employees will be asking their workplace, why don’t we have Vista here ? The reality is most organizations run on an aged hardware fleet, meaning the hardware upgrade cost are prohibitively expensive. I think businesses may look at Vista on any new machines they purchase for a staged upgrade, although this would take a good couple of years to cycle through.

    I wonder if this decision is partly due to the highly anticipated soon to be released Service Pack 1 for Vista…

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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