Visual Studio adds game mechanic to keep devs engaged

Visual Studio Achievements

Microsoft developers can now rack up achievements using the development software Visual Studio. Just like your Xbox, achievements are unlocked by performing different activities. Rather than games, these achievements related to development.

While some l33t developers like Toub have unlocked 169 points from Visual Studio achievements, there’s some items on the list I’m happy not to have. The Complex Achievement for example, is unlocked if you have 50 projects in a Solution.. that’s just madness.

When you unlock a new achievement its shown in the bottom-right corner of the application and is added to your count on the VS Achievement leader board on Channel 9. You can also share your programming skills by sharing these achievements via Facebook or Twitter.

So what do the developers out there think? Are these achievement going to encourage you to use the application more?

More info @ Visual Studio on MSDN via

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