Western Digital manufactures Windows-To-Go-specific hard disk.

Windows-To-Go is arguably one of the more “interesting” additions to Windows 8 Enterprise, allowing a user to execute a self-provisioned installation of Windows form a USB-based flash drive. However, what may be more interesting is the fact that popular hard disk manufacturer Western Digital are now marketing an external drive specifically manufactured for Windows-To-Go; The My Passport Enterprise.

Western Digital My Passport Enterprise.

This 500Gb, USB 3.0-based disk is ready to go, straight out-of-the-box, as an easy solution for those seeking to use Windows On-The-Go.

Personally, I have long enjoyed Western Digital as a favourite hard disk manufacturer, but is the My Passport Enterprise anything more than a gimmick? with somewhat standard specifications for a modern external hard disk, it’s difficult to see how this device has been created “specifically” for the new features of Windows 8. Logically, one would assume that any USB 3.0-based flash storage device is manufactured Windows-To-Go-ready– so what exactly makes the My Passport Enterprise “different”? Aside from a small Western Digital-proprietary setup utility, titled WD Compass, one might say that this unit isn’t exactly a complete breath of fresh air.

In any case, if you’re interested in Windows 8 Enterprise’s Windows-To-Go tool and are seeking an upgrade to the realm of USB 3.0, the My Passport is an aesthetically pleasing drive that “simply works”, and will only lighten the load of your bank account to the tune of approximately $119AU. These units will be available on Friday, alongside Windows 8.

Leave a comment below. Do you feel that the My Passport Enterprise will make the Windows-To-Go experience genuinely easier? Or is this simply a window for Western Digital to  take advantage of Microsoft’s latest offering?

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