Windows 8 is done, do you feel like you had input?


Microsoft announced today that Windows 8 has now reached RTM. Release to Manufacturing means that development on the Windows 8 code is now done. Hardware providers like Dell, HP, Sony, Asus and others will now create their system images for new Win8 machines due for release on October 26th.

We first got hands on with Windows 8 developer preview last year, the development moved through the Consumer Preview, then the Release Preview builds. While there has been minor tweaks, Windows 8 remains largely the same as what we seen in September.

Despite being the most tested version of Windows and the Building Windows 8 blog posting hundreds of thousands of words on the development, it seems very little changes occurred based on user feedback. One of the biggest changes that was implemented was in the Release Preview regarding how Metro operates on multiple monitors.

One of the most frustrating things is that the long running issue of applications stealing focus still remains. So do you feel like you had a real say in the development of Windows 8? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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