Xbox 360, 5 years of continued growth


Today the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (iGEA) released industry data which shows Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is still seeing strong growth. Despite a challenging environment where all other console makers are seeing retractions in revenue, the Xbox 360 seen more than 5% growth in 2011.

It seems those looking to gaming for a Christmas present also turned to the Xbox, likely due to the cheap cost of the 4G model and the Kinect bundle. Xbox 360 was the number one selling console during the Christmas period of 2011, not only that, but more Xbox’s were sold during December 2011 than ever before.

Microsoft also experienced almost 40% growth in Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions during 2011. Their explanation points to the online services and partnerships, including FOXTEL, Zune Movies and Music, SBS ON DEMAND, ninemsn video, YouTube, ABC iView and Dailymotion11.

Xbox 360 S

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