Xbox Game Pass turns 1, service really hitting its stride

Xbox Game Pass has now been available for a year. The monthly subscription for gamers, is now available across 40 markets and delivers a growing library of more than 100 games. Normally A$10.95, a special on right now has it for just AU$5.48 per month. It seems like the deal has now expired, we hope you got in fast. 

When the service first starts there was a decent lineup, but not a great lineup of titles. The community let Microsoft know that loud and clear and more AAA titles was the biggest request. Microsoft got to work on that and are now committed to offering all new Xbox games from Microsoft Studios into Xbox Game Pass the same day as their global launch. 

Given how approachable games are for subscribers, just download and play, Xbox Game Pass is creating bigger player communities, more excitement around a release on the service. For example, in March, Sea of Thieves marked the first Xbox title to release into Xbox Game Pass timed with its global release, which contributed to a thriving Sea of Thieves community that saw more than 2 million players within its first week of release.

Adding to that is the recent release of State of Decay 2 on May 22nd. Microsoft says the response from our community has been extremely positivecontributing to the over one million players across the globe playing and creating their own zombie survival story

The story for 3rd party titles isn’t so positive, but depending on your tastes you may find titles you love, adding to the value for money equation for you personally. Titles include Pro Evolution Soccer 18theHunter: Call of the Wild and Clustertruck.

The next reflection on the first year of Microsoft’s subscription gaming service is overwhelmingly positive. Will you give up Netflix for it, probably not, but if you can handle an extra $10 per month, then Game Pass is definitely a good deal. If you have NBN (with good speeds) then installing and uninstalling games is an easy, relatively fast process. As games continue to increase in size, up to 100GB+ in the case of Forza, then this is a perfect reason we need to unlock 1Gbps so a download of a game that size is minutes rather than hours.

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