Your couch is dumb. The KC2 is a home theatre smart sofa.


Your furniture is dumb. I say this not to be critical, but in reality, our lounge rooms are full of technology at 10 feet, but the couches we sit on are anything but smart. How often are you sitting on the couch and just watch the TV, never right? Today we surround ourselves in connections to the online world through our phones, tablets and laptops. Our thirst for technology is endless and at times even a second screen doesn’t cut it.

King Living is taking on the challenge of making your furniture smart. The King Cloud ll is designed with clever technology and customisable features, to deliver the ultimate sofa experience.

King Cloud II is the Australian-designed smart sofa designed for those who enjoy the home cinema just a little too much. If you’ve invested in the big screen TV, the surround sound the chances are you though you were done, wrong, consider your immediate environment. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a powered couch ? One that included recharging cables for mobile devices to keep you connected for work or leisure, during even the longest movie marathon. The KC2 does it.

The modular design enables King Cloud II to be configured as individual armchairs or in multiple cinema seating. If you’re an entertainer, then you’ll want to look after your mates as well and let them share in the fun. The seats can be easily reclined, but here’s the best bit, your personal favourite positions are memorised and easily resumed. This technology has been in luxury cars for years and it’s crazy it’s taken this long to arrive in the home.

With a simple swiping action using something they call TouchGlide Technology with Gesture Control you’ll be ready to work, eat and watch all at the same time.  A Media Centre may be fitted in between modules to create luxurious cinema seating, while also providing a compartment to discreetly house a subwoofer.  Brackets are available to position speakers around the sofa, creating a true surround sound experience. In the example, they use SONOS PLAY:1 speakers to create the rear speakers in a 5.1 setup.


For extra “ambience” and reading of non-backlit device (something I hear is called a book) is elegant LED lamps that can be added at different points around the sofa. This design is known as King Living’s SmartPockets,which can also neatly store remote controls and magazines, as well as conceal cables to recharge mobile phones and tablets. Of course there’s an option to add a drinks or laptop mount which is genius, but could be extended to a full pull out drawer so your laptop was directly in front of you for better ergonomics.

Naturally if you’re going to have a boss couch or sofa, you need to get it in a matching colour to your man cave. The KC2 comes in a wide choice of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers to make the King Cloud II a natural fit for any interior design scheme and lifestyle.

As someone about to embark on building a home with my wife, I’m keeping a particularly close eye out for smart gadgets that will improve our lives, this looks like one of them.

If you’re sold on the couch, it’s time to start saving, the King Cloud ll, 2.5 Seater Media Smart in King leathers start from A$7,408. (Sound system and Accessories not included)

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