Forza 4 American Le Mans Pack DLC now available


In this months Forza 4 DLC release we see 10 new cars introduced. One car Aussie racing fans may be interested in is the..

2011 Holden HSV GTS

More power, better handling, and new technology are all hallmarks of Holden’s latest E Series—the 2011 HSV GTS. The Australian manufacturer has truly thrown out the stops for the GTS, with a 6.2 litre V8 capable of 436 horsepower and an engine note that has spawned praise from tons of automotive critics. So it’s definitely got the muscle for straight-line speed, but the GTS’s MRC suspension will automatically change the damping settings of the suspension several hundred times per second, resulting in a responsive ride that’s fantastic through the turns. It’s also a great-looking car, featuring a dramatic front end complete with a unique vase-shaped grille. When you think about it, the HSV GTS is a lot like your stereotypical Australian: it’s good-looking, sounds great, and is a lot of fun to hang around with.

Remember if you purchased a Season Pass, this car pack is free. Check out the trailer below.

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