Is Drift Mode the latest trick from Tesla ?

In Tesla’s latest Instagram post, they show a Tesla Model 3 performing ‘testing’ on a skidpad. Could a new ‘drift mode’ be the next in a long line of Tesla feature upgrades ? The standard Model 3 is a rear wheel drive which could easily support this mode, essentially disabling the software smarts that are normally engaged to ensure the optimal level of traction is maintained to achieve those crazy acceleration levels.

The reality is that even in all-wheel drive models of Tesla vehicles, it’s possible the traction control to the rear could be reduced, and like the drift mode in the Ford Focus RS, the car’s computers could help make drifting an almost idiot-proof experience.

Given Tesla’s on-board connectivity and GPS, it’s possible Tesla could enable this mode, only when they know the car is at a race track. What do you think, should Tesla add a ‘drift mode’ to the Model 3 ? Leave a comment below.

Check out the video on Instagram where those not so cheap tyres get abused on a big Tesla skidpan. Looks like loads of fun doesn’t it.

Model 3 Performance skidpad testing (🔈on!)

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