Microsoft set for an Xbox event in May


According to The Verge, Microsoft is planning its next generation Xbox event for May 21st, after being pushed back from its original date of April 24.

The event will be at a small venue with a focus on providing the very first details on the next Xbox, codenamed Durango as well as Microsoft’s plans for Xbox in 2013; so don’t expect any Microsoft Broadway shows.

Microsoft Studio’s Creative Director, Adam Orth caused quite a fuss this week with his twitter account over rumours of the new Xbox requiring an always-on internet connection, telling people to just #DealWithIt, eventually forcing Microsoft to make an apology.

There are plenty of rumours and suspected leaked specs already released for the new Xbox, including a Blu-Ray player, an AMD CPU and of course the dreaded always-on internet requirement to stop people from playing used games. It’s also expected that its software will be heavily based on Windows 8 to continue with Microsoft’s plans to have Windows in the heart of all its products.

It’s full unveiling is expected to happen at E3 in early June, followed by more details at Microsoft’s Build Conference at the end of June.

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