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    xAI turns on 100,000x liquid-cooled Nvidia H100s in Memphis Supercluster

    @xai is building a new Artificial Intelligence training cluster which combines the compute of 100,000 of Nvidia's best chip (for now), the H100 which retails for around US$30,000 each. Elon Musk took to @x to announce that the xAI, X and Nvidia teams all worked together to get the new liquid-cooled AI training cluster operational. At 4:20am, it's clear the team were working hard to get...

    BYD owner suffers vandalism while using kerbside EV charger in Newcastle

    A BYD owner has had their charging cable damaged overnight, as they charged their Atto 3 Electric Vehicle. The charging location was on kerbside charging available at the Victoria Theatre, located at 8/10 Perkins St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia (Plugshare link). The site features overnight charging for up to 4 vehicles and delivers AC charging at 7kw from light pole mounted chargers. These chargers were installed by...

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