Testing out Vodafone’s New 4G Network: 45000kbps Up, I can live with that


    Over the past couple of days, it is good news for Vodafone customers with the gradual rollout of Vodafone’s new 4G network.

    It is currently available to selected customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Wollongong, and other suburbs scattered around.

    I’ve been lucky to get the trial the new 4G network the past week thanks to Vodafone, and it really puts the NBN to shame… as much as it hurts to say that while we wait for the 1gbps speed has been rolled out.

    Performing tests 40km out of the CBD, I have experienced some awesome speeds. If only my iiNet home connection was this quick.



    With uploads of 45000kbps and downloads over 100000kbps, it’s truly and awesome network. I’ve been on Virgin Mobile for a while now and Vodafone’s 3G+ network has been pretty decent, with getting speeds between 3000kbps and 9000kbps most times. It has occasionally gone below those speeds, or I’ve only had 1 bar of reception, but doing a SpeedTest with Virgin Mobile, Vodafone came out winning the majority of the time.


    But it’s pointless having fast speeds when you don’t have the data allowance, so hopefully Vodafone will soon release a new range of 4G data add-on’s, so we get make use of the fast speeds without being charged excess usage fees. Those tests ate up over 700MB of data!

    For the next 2 years, until the Government sells the Analogue spectrum, Vodafone has the upper hand with 20HMz of bandwidth where Telstra has 10MHz or 15MHz (depending where you are). That basically means, Vodafone “traffic highway” is double that of the competitors so it can take more users, and provide faster speeds.

    Will you be making the switch to Vodafone 4G? You have nothing to lose with their Network Guarantee.

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