17 year old Sydney boy charged with hacking for Anonymous

The Australian Federal Police have charged a 17 year old Sydney boy, suspecting he “committed serious offences” on behalf of Anonymous resulting in him facing court last Friday.

He was charged with six counts of unauthorised modification of data to cause impairment, once count of unauthorised access with intent to commit serious offence, once count of possession of data with intent to commit a computer offence and 12 counts of unauthorized access to restricted data.

Two of these offences carry a maximum sentence of 10 years each.

Commander Glen McEwen, Manager Cybercrime Operations, said the AFP takes any computer intrusion offences very seriously and remains committed to investigating offences that occur in cyberspace.

“Protesting through computer intrusions and website defacements is not an appropriate method to raise public awareness about any issue,” Commander McEwen said.

“The AFP investigates various types of cybercrime and will continue to take a strong stance against these perpetrators.”

10 years in the can is pretty rough, it will be interesting to see what exactly the boy did to get charged with those offences and if our cyber crime laws need to be revised.

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