2nd gen Parrot Pot and H20 announced at CES2015


Not content with drones and cars, Parrot are really turning their heads to making smart things to improve your life. Imagine you have a seriously nice plant, but don’t exactly have green thumbs, you’ll likely neglect it. Without the proper inputs like water, plants will inevitably die. 

Well that doesn’t have to happen if you leverage some technology to help you. The second generation of Parrot Pot and Parrot H2O were today at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. They include sensors that measure and analyse the curcial parameters for plant growth and autonomously regulate the release of water when required.

You can control the amount of water and receive notifications on your mobile or tablet app, then take action as the wireless connected watering devices get to work.


There’s not much to this, other than to say they make your plants connected and can leave you with a good looking plant that basically takes care of itself. There is a downside however, in the case of the H20, you have to have a pretty ugly water container upside down in the pot. So while you may be growing some amazingly beautiful flowers, they’re beauty will likely be ruined by this gadget, but they will be alive.


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