ABB teases a new commercial-level fast charger, coming September 9th for World EV Day 2021

    Ahead of the 2021 World EV day on September 9th, ABB has teased a new product announcement in the electric vehicle charging space. By now, many electric vehicle owners have had the chance to experience the 350kW ABB Terra HP chargers, installed as part of 3rd-party charging networks like Chargefox.

    As the electric vehicle space welcomes new entrants, that also means new types of vehicles are going electric. Given larger, more commercial vehicles are becoming electrified.. I suspect the largest charger in the lineup, will offer more than 1TW of power and facilitate charging sessions from trucks and busses.

    In a new post on LinkedIn, ABB Australia’s Product Marketing Manager posted this:

    Not content with having one of the widest and well specified charging portfolios ABB continue to push the envelope… as we stride toward the day where we celebrate the transition to emission free mobility World EV Day on Thursday the 9th of September I wonder what’s next ? .. watch this space !!!

    Steve Amor, Product Marketing Manager ABB Australia – Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

    We have already seen an announcement from one of ABB’s competitors, Brisbane-based Tritium, who announced back in November, that a 3TW charger was in the works, due in 2022. If ABB wants to play in that market, it’s clear they need a commercial/industrial scale for charging.

    With the additional payload or towing weight of a commercial vehicle, along with an increased need for long ranges per day, large battery capacities are required. While passenger vehicles deal with batteries around the 70-100kWh range today, the larger packs required for Semi-trucks, could be as large as 1 MWh.

    In the commercial freight world, time is money, so the faster these large batteries can be recharged, the better, making any super-ultra rapid DC charging essential.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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