Adelaide-based Tindo Solar triples capacity in new $5Million factory to go online Q1 2022

While most of the solar panels on the rooftops of homes and businesses in Australia are from overseas, one company is trying to change that. Tindo Solar is an Australian solar panel manufacturer that has just invested heavily in expanding operations to serve growing demand.

In a video by SolarQuotes, we get a look into the new factory as Tindo Solar prepares to commence operations in its new plant, located in Mawson Lakes in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. If you’re into engineering or solar and renewables, Owner and Director Glenn Morelli said they specifically designed the plant to support tours.

The new factory will triple the production capacity of the old factory, helped by an investment of $1 Million from the Federal Government’s $55 million Manufacturing Modernisation Fund. By expanding local production of solar production, Tindo hopes to capture a greater percentage of the market, particularly in light of recent shortages in the industry from overseas suppliers.

During the interview with Finn at Solar Quotes, we see the factory is largely automated, with large robots handling the majority of the production process. The reason a business like this would implement robotics is for precision, repeatability, speed and strength, making the production process more accurate and more efficient.

Working in harmony with the robots will be 8 staff that will be employed as part of a rigorous quality assurance process as the panels are produced.

It is this attention to detail that leads to a failure rate around 200x lower than competitors, backed by a product warranty from 12 to 25 years.

Manufacturing is expected to commence in Q1 2022.

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