Airthings’ launch connected Air Quality Monitors in Australia

    Airthings is launching its range of air quality monitors in Australia. As with most technology, these are connected devices, adding a growing list of IoT devices in your home.
    While Australia doesn’t suffer the horrendous air quality issues of other countries, that doesn’t mean these products aren’t applicable.

    The core range by Airthings offers pollution, allergies, and mould alerts, giving people the optimum information to create the healthiest and most cost-effective home environment.

    Given that most people spend roughly 90% of their time indoors, the air they breathe has a major impact on their wellbeing and long-term health, especially when indoor air quality is often five times more harmful than it is outside.

    In Australia, these conversations have become more topical due to the 2019 bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has witnessed more and more Australians spending increased amounts of time at home and the significant presence of indoor mould brought on by two years of heavy rain and floods.

    The product range includes the View Plus, View Pollution, Wave Plus, and Wave Mini, offering Aussie consumers simple, sustainable and affordable solutions that fit seamlessly into the modern home.

    Though targeting those suffering from allergies and irritations, Airthings also serves as the perfect alternative for those looking for ways to improve their quality of sleep, indoor comfort, and overall wellbeing.

    Airthings will be available from JB Hi-Fi Online, Amazon, and Officeworks for a starting price of AUD$129.99.

    View Plus

    View Plus from Airthings delivers the most advanced air quality tech, giving you complete control over the air you breathe and the power to change it. Keep your family safe from the effects of allergens, pollution, wildfire smoke, viruses, and more.

    Airthings View Plus is battery operated (or powered by USB), wireless and WiFi connected, includes a customisable display, app (iOS/Android), and online dashboard with full data and reporting. When you know what’s in the air you breathe, small changes make a big difference.

    Price: AUD$399.99

    View Pollution

    View Pollution from Airthings is the most advanced indoor pollution monitor measuring PM2.5, humidity, and temperature.

    View Pollution allows you to keep your PM and humidity levels in the optimal zone to fight against asthma symptoms.  If you live in a wildfire zone, measuring PM in your home is essential to understanding your exposure to smoke. Keep track of how much city pollution is making it into your home and if your air purifier is working.

    Price: AUD$329.99

    Wave Plus

    Wave Plus from Airthings is a smart, battery-operated, indoor air quality monitor with 6 sensors to measure radon, CO2, humidity, temp, airborne chemicals (VOCs), and pressure.

    Measuring our indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the most important steps we can take in preventing illness and increasing productivity, energy, and good health. Airthings, the IAQ specialists and experts in radon, created the Airthings Wave Plus—the first smart IAQ monitor with radon detection, designed for homes and all populated spaces.

    It is the perfect solution for homeowners to gain full visibility into six indoor air factors; radon, carbon dioxide (CO_2)_, airborne chemicals (VOCs), humidity, temperature, and air pressure.

    Price: AUD$329.99

    Wave Mini

    Airthings Wave Mini is a mini smart indoor air quality monitor for mould risk, temperature,
    humidity, and airborne chemicals (VOCs). Small in size but big in impact, Wave Mini is a necessity in every home.

    Track airborne chemicals, humidity, temperature, and mould risk to visualise the air quality from room to room and reach optimal health and comfort. When you understand the air quality in your home, you can make small changes to your everyday habits to optimise your air quality.

    Price: AUD$129.99

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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