Amazon Prime Day is a very mixed bag

Today was supposed to be the start of Amazon’s biggest sale day, the first ‘Prime Day’ in Australia. While there are some discounts to be had, it seems many...

Today was supposed to be the start of Amazon’s biggest sale day, the first ‘Prime Day’ in Australia. While there are some discounts to be had, it seems many Aussie retailers didn’t come to the party which is actually really disappointing because as much as Australian’s love their technology, they also love a great bargain.

Amazon’s date is set internationally and the timing for us is a little challenging. Most stores already discount for the end of the financial year, as well as recently participating in ClickFrenzy sales, with another round scheduled for August.

That issue aside, it’s worth reflecting on some of the sales on offer. As expected Amazon’s own hardware received some of the biggest discounts and with the 2nd generation Echo Dot for sale at just $39.00 (down from A$79), that was one deal I couldn’t resist.

Below is another round of Amazon Prime Day deals that have just gone live on Amazon Australia.

I think a lot of work can be done on displaying the items on Prime Day. Given Amazon’s strengths in computing infrastructure, I expected the deals to be targeted based on what I’d purchased previously, however it’s a complete batch of random items, all presented together as if they have equal appeal to me. There’s baby products next to technology products, next to kitchen goods and laundry products. There are filters on the left, but this reveals just how few deals are available per category.

In a category like lighting, there are just 5 products, in video games, there are just 7 and in fashion there are just 14. Internationally this Prime Day really is a big deal, with more than a million products on sale, but it’s very, very early days for Amazon in Australia.

More deals will go live throughout the 36-hour Prime Day.



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