Confirmed: Amazon Prime Shipping is coming to Australia

Amazon have confirmed that Amazon Prime is coming to Australia. This statement is posted on their Australian website that launched today.

We are working hard to bring Australia the program enjoyed by tens of millions of Prime members around the world. We can’t share everything we’re working on yet, but if you want to get exclusive Prime updates, notification of future launches and information on other exciting services, offers and promotions, just register your email above.

As someone who listens to a lot of US-based podcasts, I’m constantly reminded of how awesome Amazon Prime is which constantly make me jealous we don’t have it, thankfully that looks temporary.

Basically the way it works is you pay a subscription US$10.99 per month (or US$99 per year) and you free shipping (in some markets same day) on qualifying orders over US$35. When you pre-order a product you can get a guarenteed delivery on the date of release, meaning you can skip the lines. In some markets they even have free 1-hour delivery. While it may be some time before we see delivery windows that small in Australia, the ultimate win here is that you pay the subscription and you get free shipping for most things after that.

Being able to jump on and order products (usually already at low prices) but then have no additional costs for shipping, means that you’ll do it more often, so you win and Amazon wins. Amazon Australia don’t yet do food, but don’t be surprised if you’re shopping for groceries before too long at

Amazon Prime also extends to other digital services like Prime Videos, Prime Music and Prime Read.

While we don’t have Amazon Prime today in Australia with the launch, it is great to have it confirmed, as it shows just how committed Amazon are to the Australian Market, one that’s relatively small in relation to the international markets they serve.


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