Apple announces Apple Watch Series 4

Apple have just announce their updated watch known as Apple Watch Series 4.

The screens are now 30% larger, while the watch is thinner than previous models. 

The Qantas app will provide flight information to your wrist. 

The new watch comes with new abilities in Watch OS, allowing you to pin people to the watch face and tap to call instantly. 

New watch faces animate in Watch OS 5. 

The digital crown has been re-engineered to allow greater precision over your movements. It also provide haptic feedback. 

The speaker is now 50% louder, important for when Siri responds to your request. The microphone has now been moved to opposite sides. 

The rear of the watch has been redesigned as to allow the antennas to connect through the front and rear of the device. This should help in connectivity.

Watch Series 4 features a new S4 chip, developed by Apple. It’s now a 64-bit dual-core processor and Apple says its up to 2x faster.

Apple are now detecting falls and recognises the way humans move as they fall. If you’re imobile for more than 1 minute, then the watch can make an SOS call on your behalf. 

Apple Watch will also now monitor low heart rate and heart rhythms and let you know where there’s irregularities. These are powered by an optical sensors. 

Apple have managed to squeeze an Electrocardiogram or ECG into the back of the watch. This can help detect some heart issues. This works by placing your finger on the digital crown for 30 seconds and data is logged, enabling you to provide data to your doctor. This is really impressive and something Steve

Being a healthcare device, Apple has now received FDA clearance. Right now that means this works in the US and Apple says they are working hard to bring it to the world. 

The new watch has the same 18-hour battery life, with outdoor (GPS-enabled tracking) now lasts a little longer (around 6 hours). Apple Watch Series 4 also features Bluetooth 5.0. 

Gold Stainless is the new colour this year


Apple Watch Series 4 is available from September 21st (US) and will cost:

  • Series 4 – US$399 
  • Series 4 – w/ GPS: US$499
  • Series 3: US$279

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