Aston Martin Rapide E production model revealed, an EV monster

Performance brand Aston Martin has revealed their first production-ready all-electric car. Known as the Rapide E, the car looks amazing, one of those designs that looks fast just sitting still.

The car is revealed ahead of its debut today at China’s Auto Shanghai motor show.

In the world of EVs, the wheel design is incredibly important as it is one of the largest disturbences to airflow across the vehicle. From this close-up view, it looks like Aston Martin have a fairly closed design for the rim that’ll help maximise range, while still allowing plenty of airflow into those massive brakes.

If you were in any doubt from the outside shots that this car is a monster, then check out this shot of the interior. It looks like a cockpit that serves 1 purpose, to put the driver in absolute control of the vehicle while going very, very fast.

The car is expected to have a 65.0kWh battery pack (actually small by today’s standards) and two rear-mounted electric motors than make 602 horsepower (447.42kW) and a ridiculous 701 lb-ft (950.43Nm) of torque.

We also tracked down a teaser clip of the gorgeous new Rapide E which reveals a few more angles, including shots from the front 3/4 view.

The car is schedule for release in 2020, more than 5 years after the initial concept was revealed. Just 155 are scheduled to be produced, something I really hope they reconsider.

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