At what point do Tesla credits become a currency? Cybertruck Delivery Event invite costs 30,000 credits

    With an increasing number of Tesla Cybertruck sightings, we’re rapidly approaching the delivery event, the details of which remain largely a mystery.

    As with Tesla’s other vehicles that entered production, Tesla will hold a delivery event to hand over the first batch of trucks to employees, who opt to purchase ahead of deliveries to the general public.

    Today, Tesla updated the referral program in the United States to include a ‘Cybertruck Delivery Event Invite’. This item costs 30,000 credits, which sounds like a lot, but with each referral rewarded with 10,000 credits now, this could be yours with as little as 3 referrals.

    From the description, we have some confirmations, like the fact the delivery event will occur in Austin, Texas (no real surprise here), but there is still no word on the date of the event. Tesla is expected to deliver Cybertruck in Q3 of 2023, which leaves just over a month for the event to occur.

    The Event invites are delivered on a first-come, first-served basis which means those who already have a bank of 30,000 credits or more, could immediately purchase a ticket. An event invite also entitles you to bring one friend.

    Tesla does say they will release additional tickets closer to the event and those that miss out should check back later.

    Today’s new addition to the referral program, adds to a growing list of items in the referral store including the recent Cybertruck Raffle option for 500 Credits, which put you in a draw to win a free Cybertruck, one of the first VINs off the line.

    With multiple entries allowed, this is smart on Tesla’s side, as referral credits have been perceived value and Tesla owners will use word of mouth, social networks and other avenues to promote Tesla to friends, family and the general public, while the cost for Tesla to deliver a digital ticket in a raffle is exactly zero.

    With Tesla’s referral credits, you can also purchase subscriptions from Tesla, including premium connectivity, Supercharging, or software upgrades like Enhanced Autopilot, or even Full Self Driving. You can also purchase accessories for your vehicle(s), so given the growing number and category of items you can exchange for Tesla credits, how long until we consider them a currency?

    The big difference between cash and Tesla credits is that these are not transferrable, however buying items like chargers and selling them, is something Tesla can’t prevent.

    When we look at a Tesla credit globally, a Tesla Credit is worth 1,000 miles of free Supercharging. The current average cost of Supercharging in the United States is approximately $0.25 (25 cents) per kWh, so a Tesla Credit is worth about US$25.

    In Australia, the current average cost of Supercharging is approximately AUD$0.63 (63 cents) per kWh, so a Tesla Credit is worth about A$63.

    So what do you think, are Tesla Credits becoming a currency?

    Elon Musk posted today that he has driven a production candidate Cybertruck at Tesla Giga Texas, further indicating we’re rapidly approaching a launch.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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