Australia is finally getting serious about ICEholes

If you park in an EV charging spot when your car isn’t electric, then you’re an asshole. There are plenty of signs to let you know that these parks are reserved for those with EVs, but we continually see people who disregard these signs and park there anywhere.

The Iceholes Australia Facebook Group is doing a great job of documenting just how widespread this issue is. As the number of EVs sold in Australia grows, more charging locations are required and therefore the problem of ICE vehicles parking in EV charging locations needs to be addressed in a serious way.

Thankfully the Westfield Warringah Mall, located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, is getting serious about the issue. This morning, Paul Payne shared the photos below with the Tesla Model 3 Australia group, showing a VIOLATION label being placed on a Kia Optima (not an EV), parked in one of the clearly labelled (and painted) charging bays.

Here’s the full violation label.

Just like parking in a no-standing zone, if your car ends up getting towed and impounded you could be up for hundreds of dollars. If you made the decision to park in an EV charging spot because it was more convenient than walking another 20 metres, then imagine how inconvenient it’ll be if your car gets towed.

Just don’t be an ICEhole.

Electric Vehicle owners in 2019 are still early adopters and there simply aren’t as many recharging locations as there are petrol stations. While EV networks have the ability to communicate the availability of chargers available, there’s no way to do that when the charging cable isn’t connected to a vehicle, like when an ICE vehicle parks in the charging bay.

It is fantastic to see Australia getting serious about taking action against ICEholes.

Commenters have suggested this violation sticker may not have been an official issue by the Westfields parking, it potentially is the work of a frustrated EV owner. We’ve reached out to Westfield for comment.

Update 2
Hours later, another ICE vehicle, has been spotted with the same type of violation sticker on it, in the same carpark. This is a strong indication that it is Westfield applying them. If that is the case, they should be congratulated for supporting EVs and I hope others follow suit.

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  1. Yep, I would hazard a guess to say it wasn’t Westfield as there is no Westfield logo, and it also says ‘Your license number (spelt with an S using American spelling), and doesn’t use the term registration number, the licence number is on their drivers licence.

    I’d be willing to put money down that this isn’t a Westfield thing. They wouldn’t stick a sticker to their window either, it’s too drastic for Westfield, they’d leave a note under their windscreen wiper or tucked into the seal of the door.

    • Maybe the sticker is sourced from someone printing for the American market… it is a emerging problem here in Australia. Cant be to many suppliers around offering those labels in AU printed for the local market yet.

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