Australia’s largest gaming event pleases thousands.

EB Expo

This weekend Australia’s largest gaming expo, EB Expo is treating gaming fans to a plethora of gaming goodness. Yesterday the event actually sold out and judging by reactions online, most had a blast. So popular was the event, the first day actually sold out. Creator EB Games, did a great job of getting the best gaming companies to the event.

The big 3 console creators, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all there showing off their wares. One of the most well received has been the unreleased PlayStation Vita.

During the event attendees have also been treated to some hands-on time with the hottest games, some of which haven’t even been released yet. One such example is Battlefield 3, while the multiplayer beta has been available for a few weeks now, gamers at EBExpo experienced the stunning single player campaign.

Despite some complaints about the line length, Aussie gamers were able to play Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Uncharted 3 and many, many more. Naturally with unreleased titles, interest is high, so dedicated hardcore fans are just keen to get any kind of time with an unreleased title.

Gamer and EB Expo attendee @gummidge said “2hrs wait for 7 mins of play!! #BF3 #awesome #worthit #ebexpo”.

EB Expo Event Photo
Image credit: Andrew Howell

The second day of is about to begin. Naturally the Expo floor full of exhibitors will be available for gamers to peruse, but today’s agenda also includes a number of special events. EB Live is a sound blasting, screen towering, mega arena which will have presentations from Playstation, Ubisoft and Bethesda to follow EA, THQ and Namco yesterday. The EB Areana Spectacular features explosive pyrotechnic flares and FMX motorbike stunts, along with games displayed on a massive 30m wide screen.

Gaming events have to (pretty sure it’s law) include some kind of Cosplay. EB Expo is no different and actually has Cosplay Finals for the best dressed at 3:30pm with the event wrapped up with the EB Expo Grand Finale at 4pm. If you’re at the event, have fun, take photos and make those who aren’t insanely jealous.

EB Games Expo Gamers
Image credit: Andrew Howell

EB Games announced yesterday that the event will be on again in 2012, to be held in Sydney.

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