Big changes for Tesla Model 3 Long Range 620km, white interior and September deliveries (updated)

Tesla sure does love to modify the options available to customers. Today the Model 3 configurator for Australia changed dramatically.

We reached out to Tesla for comment on today’s changes and here’s the response.

“In order to make purchasing our vehicles even simpler, we are standardising our global vehicle lineup and streamlining the number of trim packages offered for Model S, Model X and Model 3. We are also adjusting our pricing in order to continue to improve affordability for customers. Like other car companies, we periodically adjust pricing and available options.

Model 3 continues to outsell all other luxury vehicles in the U.S., with record delivery numbers in Q2 and continued global expansion to Europe and Asia. It has also achieved 5-star safety ratings in the U.S. and Europe.”

Tesla Spokesperson

Tesla is streamlining the number of Model 3 variants available globally. In all markets, Tesla will offer three vehicle types: Standard Range Plus, Long Range All-Wheel-Drive, and Performance. This standardisation certainly makes it easier (and likely cheaper) for consumers and Tesla to manage.

All Performance vehicles, in all markets, will ship with the performance upgrades package installed, which includes performance wheels and brakes, a carbon fibre spoiler, 261km/h top speed and Track Mode.

Step 1 – The Tesla Model 3 now has 3 simple choices to select from, Standard Range Plus (A$66,000), Long Range ($85,000) and Performance ($91,200). Previously these different versions of the Model 3 were limited to just 2, with a Performance+ model offering the higher top speed, red brakes, carbon lip and better wheels.

The new Long Range option at first looks like the original Performance (non plus) version, but the range is a massive 620km (NEDC est) compared to the previous 560km (NEDC etc). By way of comparison, the SR+ offers 460km and the Performance gets you 560km.

Tesla is clearly using a different configuration of batteries and electric motors as the 0-100km/hr times are different in the Long Range model. The SR+ is good for 5.6s, while the Long Range is 4.6s and the Performance retains the blistering 3.4s.

Step 2 – in the configurator is exterior colours. While there’s no change to wheels, the Pearl White Multi-coat is now the default colour, with black now a A$1,050 upgrade.

Step 3 – One of the most demanded features was a white interior as available overseas. If you can find the dollars for the top Performance model, you’ll now get the option to pay A$1,400 for the white interior.

Step 4 – Autopilot hasn’t changed and FSD is still priced at A$8,500 buying it during the order, or afterwards.

These are massive changes that’ll make some people very happy, while other’s who have already ordered will have a choice to make, stick with what you ordered, or make a change and risk a delayed delivery.

Speaking of deliveries, the site now lists an Estimated Delivery date of September, the first move since the original August timeframe. The reason for the date change is either that Tesla has seen great demand and has filled the first boat with orders, or that the original date has slipped and owners haven’t yet been notified they’re in for a longer wait.

Tesla have also confirmed that Model S and Model X now come in two trim variants: Long Range and Performance. Ludicrous Mode now comes standard in all Model S and Model X Performance vehicles, achieving the ridiculous 0-100km/h times in as little as 2.6 seconds for the Model S and 2.9 seconds for Model X.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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  1. My reservation for SR+ was automatically updated to LR. So I don’t think there are any choices to make, they have just updated current reservations to the latest offerings which is great.

    • They upgraded you from the SR+ to the LR automatically? Was the change at your request? That seems quite odd that they’d make an almost $20k change automatically.

  2. I’m not so sure of the new range claims of the Dual motor non- performance and that it may have mechanically changed. Yes, under NEDC it has an impressive 60km more. But under WLTP (Tesla UK and Ireland were my source) it is only a difference of 30km (this ‘could’ be just the wheels in that test), the US site is, after the same update of models, still showing identical range under EPA. So who knows other than Tesla! 🙂

  3. If you have already ordered the dual motor performance on 18s without the performance pack. Will these still be delivered that way or will they be upgraded to the new performance spec with 20s?

    • That is my order (P Lite in Blue). For me it’s a question for Tesla – but not yet. The sales people would not know definitively at this point. My best guess would be NO as it is only ancillaries or accessories that are put on at the end of production (springs, brakes, pedal covers, wheels), or not put on at all (spoiler, badge). It’s not like a battery pack in a Model S SR+ to LR.

      Having said that, if Tesla decides that it optimizes their production lines to do so and the saving justifies their cost of components (and potentially the backlash from people who have paid for the upgrade and see others getting it for nothing) then MAYBE? We shall see.

  4. Hi Jason. I’m pretty much convinced, after checking up on my previous research, that there will be no battery or drivetrain mechanical differences on the current LRAWD, the discontinued P-AWD and the P+AWD (last week that would have been the P-AWD plus the 6.2k ancillary adds). Wheels, springs, brake disks&calipers, pedal covers, a spoiler and a badge that come after… well, yes. They were always part of the ancillary add.

    What I think we should ask Tesla is this. The difference between the 3 models is also software. 3.4sec 0-100km, higher top speed and track mode all clearly come with the P+. 0-100km in 3.4sec clearly comes with the P-. Is the P- a third software version where you have the acceleration but not the other 2?

    I don’t think the Australian arm may even know yet.

    What I do think is that anybody that already has a P- on order may have snagged a relative bargain at the price of a LRAWD.

  5. They’ve really only changed the naming and will software limit the acceleration of the LR AWD. Tesla is not going to go to the trouble of changing manufacturing between the LR AWD and the Performance when the only differences are wheels, brakes, spoiler and a software change.
    Other than naming, the biggest change is the option to get white interior.

  6. Correction. The newly offered Long Range model does not come with a white interior option. That is only available on the Performance model. The price shown on interior option screen shot in this article shows that it relates to the Performance model.

  7. “All Performance vehicles, in all markets, will ship with the performance upgrades package installed, which includes performance wheels and brakes, a carbon fibre spoiler, 261km/h top speed and Track Mode.”
    Is the above statement from Tesla? It either claims
    1/ That P- orders made in Australia will have P+ level equipment.
    2/ P- vehicles will not be called “performance “this

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