BMW to accelerate the introduction EVs by 2 years

Perhaps BMW are seeing the writing on the way, overnight they’ve announced they’re accelerating their electrification plans.

The company had previously announced that by 2025 they would bring 25 models to market that leveraged electric technology. More than half of the cars would be fully EVs, leaving the remaining 50% as some type of plug-in hybrid.

BMW is an interesting company, they make some of the highest performing vehicles on the planet with their M series, but back in 2013, they started producing the fully electric i3. In 2014, their futuristic looking i8 went into production and even 5 years later has a design that would be perfectly acceptable launching today.

This featured a 7.1kWh lithium-ion battery that helped achieve the car’s amazing performance. The battery was only good for a comical 37km of all-electric driving and was really there to assist the gaps in the combustion engine’s abilities.

BMW now races in Formula E, the championship that’s leading the way for the future of motorsport and is also 100% electric.

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