Boost Juice can’t find their first Bitcoin winner

If you’re name is Michael, you may be the proud owner of 1BTC (about A$13,500). Boost Juice have announced their first winner of their new Bitcoin giveaway, but there’s a problem, they can’t get a reply from him, let’s hope he’s not busy drinking away his winnings.

Boost Juice’s competition gives away 1 BTC every Monday for 4 weeks and so now Australia is looking for people named Michael that entered. If you’re wondering why Boost don’t just announce the full name of the winner, they explain that legally they’re not allowed to. This means we’re going to have to help this lucky bastard know he’s won. If you know a person named Michael and know they love Boost Juice, then please ask them if they’ve checked their inbox lately.

We’ve emailed him, sent carrier pigeons and even hired a telephath called Angel to try and reach him through mind waves.
He has until midnight tonight check his emails and get in touch via before we have to contact the next closest guess so, HELP US FIND CINDERELLA … I MEAN MICHAEL!

It seems Boost Juice have fallen in love with Crypto (or the PR they’re getting from it) and are also giving away Litecoin (courtesy of Coinjar).

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