Boost Juice is giving away 4 Bitcoin, you can win 1

Yesterday was my 36th birthday and as is now the annual tradition, I headed to Boost Juice for a free Boost (original Energy Lift for those playing at home). Along with the purchase I was handed a Bitcoin Boost card. The promotion from Boost Juice will give away 4 Bitcoin to 4 people (1 to each) over the next 4 weeks. Cryptocurrency and a juice company aren’t normally a natural fit, but given the rising in popularity and public awareness, its pretty smart for Boost to include it in their latest marketing campaign.

The way it works is you buy a boost, get one of these cards with a unique code on the back. Fire up the Boost Juice mobile app on your phone (requires the latest update where they also ditched Facebook auth) and then take a guess at what the Bitcoin price will be at 12PM the following Monday. Those familiar with Bitcoin understand that there’s not actually 1 universal price for Bitcoin, rather the current market value at each exchange, so Boost Juice has selected Coinjar (also a wallet) as the determinant exchange.

While you may have better odds than the lotto, predicting the rapidly fluctuating price of Bitcoin in an hour from now, let alone multiple days is no easy feat. In the past 90 days the price has ranged anywhere between A$9,000 and A$28,000, so good luck. At the time of writing the price sits at A$14,425.93, and that figure has had 5.42% change since yesterday.

The company made a video ‘Bitcoin Boom or Bust’ which I’ve included below. If you’re lost, maybe it’ll help. For more information, head to


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