Breaking: Amazon officially launches in Australia just in time for Christmas

Well it finally happened, Amazon have finally launched in Australia. The long awaited arrival of a full online storefront spanning a wide variety of categories has finally happened today. There’s been much written in the anticipation of Amazon launching down under, but now it has finally happened we get an insight into how serious they are about competing in the local market.

The list of categories is pretty impressive, spanning Electronics, Gaming, Home & kitchen, Home improvement, Health and Beauty, Toys, Kids and Baby, as well a lot of clothing and Sport & fitness equipment. While its certainly not the same level as the US, it is an offering that Australian online and Australian retail should be concerned about, the 1,000 pound gorilla just arrived at your doorstep.

If you’re EB Games, then Amazon’s gaming section directly competes with you. If you’re Office works, Amazon’s Home and Office section directly competes with you. If you’re Rebel Sport, Amazon’s Sport, Fitness & Outdoors section directly competes with you. If you’re Bunnings, Amazon’s Home Improvement section directly competes with you. And yes, if you’re Gerry Harvey, your worst nightmare just came true.

Amazon’s arrival will definitely create waves in the Australian shopping landscape, ultimately resulting in a win for consumers.

Ultimately Amazon’s biggest revolution is their distribution chain. In that respect we see Amazon offering free delivery after your basket is over $49, delivery (with compatible items). When you head to the checkout, you need a credit card, with no PayPal option available. There’s a couple of options on shipping, either standard or express, where you’ll pay a little more to get it faster.

Niall Ginsbourg has a good summation of the delivery prices.


There’s now Amazon Prime yet, but it is coming, which is a yearly subscription that makes delivery basically free for everything you buy, meaning you’ll make a purchase much more often to extract maximum benefit from your subscription. Understandably Amazon wants to step into the Australian market, not run, so look for that in the future.

Welcome to Australia Amazon, glad you finally made it.

Head over to to check it out now.

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