Can Samsung Pay replace your wallet? We find out with the Galaxy S10+

Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ has the ability to have Samsung Pay at your fingertips, just swipe up from the lock screen or home screen to activate it. When you’re at a tap and pay point of sale terminal, just rest the back of the phone to enable it’s NFC chip to communicate with the payment terminal and pay for your goods.

In theory, this enables you to leave your wallet at home (or in the car), but we put it to the test to see how it went in reality.

After contacting payment provider EML Payments which was used for credit on Samsung Pay, we now know what happened with the final 2 transactions. These declines were in no way related to Samsung Pay, instead a sympton of triggering an agressive fraud monitoring system.

Here’s the official response from EML Payments.

After further investigation, I have received feedback regarding those transactions. Our fraud monitoring system is set to identify where a card is used too many times in the same hour as this is a likely indicator that a card has been stolen. In the case of your card, transactions 6 & 7 within the same hour were declined based on these rules.

As you see in the video, the number of successful transactions was only 4, not 6 or 7, but these did all happen within a 1 hour period. This is what I’d call normal buying behaviour. I could understand a policy that flagged 20 transactions in 1 hour as fraudulent behaviour, but 4-6 is certainly too few.

The remaining balance is still available and I’ll continue to use Samsung Pay and since the video have continued to leverage the convenient loyalty cards.

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  1. Do you think your experience would be similar for Google Pay ? Bank needs to be supported ? What about for the CommBank app that also offers pay function through NFC ?

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