Car subscription software Blinker, launches major platform update

If you want to run a car subscription service, you need a software platform to power that experience. While you could start from scratch and role your own, you don’t have to, Australian car subscription software provider offers a platform that business can offer to customers.

The end-to-end platform provides auto dealerships with “subscription in a box,” including the software, training and services needed to offer car subscription to customers simply and easily.

With integrated into their websites, dealers simply need to select cars from their stock to make available for subscription. Customers can then browse through the website, choose the car they want and subscribe online. 

Today, Blinker has just announced its biggest platform update yet, providing car dealerships and businesses with a more streamlined experience to manage the car subscription service from end-to-end, all in one place.

The update includes a major UI/UX refresh and enhancements to allow car dealerships and OEMs even more control over individual subscriptions. 

Improved customisation means the platform can now be integrated with other third party automotive, CRM and notification software, ensuring the Blinker solution fits seamlessly with existing software being employed by customers.

Blinker also offer a new dashboard feature which gives each client a detailed overview of their organisation’s subscription program at a glance. Customers can also now check credit and fraud risk indicators in real-time with the advanced proprietary credit assessment algorithm.

Jeremy Gupta, Chief Technology Officer at Blinker, says the new platform has been carefully honed through working with dealership groups around Australia to develop a product that suits their specific needs. 

“The new Blinker platform has been created with our customers front of mind. We have redesigned the platform in response to feedback and insights directly from customers, providing them with the tools to completely own the relationship with consumers.

The updates include the ability to have custom branding on communications and tailored subscription plans, whilst we have also introduced a raft of algorithm upgrades to equip businesses with accurate, real-time data to make informed decisions about potential subscribers.

This launch represents our continued investment in providing best-in-class automotive subscription software, and we’re thrilled to bring this enhanced experience to dealerships around Australia.”

Jeremy Gupta, Chief Technology Officer at Blinker

Managing Director at, Michael Higgins, says the new platform will also see benefits for consumers, with car subscription now available at even more local dealerships around Australia. 

“The launch of our new platform is exciting news for Australian drivers. Having more Blinker providers around the country means you’ll soon be able to visit a dealership near you and subscribe rather than buy,” said Higgins.

By far the highest demand we’ve seen is for customers looking to subscribe to hybrid and electric vehicles. With subscription, this means you can stay up to date with the latest in-car technology which we know is the most important thing new car buyers look for. So, if you’re the type of person that likes to upgrade to the latest phone every year, you can now do that with your car”.

Managing Director at, Michael Higgins

HelloCars is a Car subscription service built on Blinker’s platform and has actually been seeing an increase in popularity amid the coronavirus pandemic, with consumers looking for a more flexible alternative to traditional car ownership.

The pandemic has led to consumers being more wary of taking on car loans and changes in work habits seeing a decrease in new car sales around the country. has seen a massive 52% increase in dealership enquiries since the lockdowns came into effect. 

In 2019, Blinker partnered with industry giants Titan DMS and Dealer Solutions. Titan DMS became the first distributor for the platform in the Australian market, offering the subscription solution to car dealerships around the country.

Dealer Solutions, which is part of Cox Automotive, was Blinker’s first integrated website partner, offering the subscription to its network of dealers currently using Dealer Solutions as their preferred website partner. The Titan DMS and Dealer Solutions networks combined provide with access to over 1,000 dealers nationally.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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