Carly launches EV Trial for Aussie individual and fleet buyers

    Australian car subscription company Carly, has launched a new option today to help convince Australian private and fleet buyers that they should buy an electric car.

    The Carly EV Trial is a simple and cost-effective way for car buyers to try an EV before they buy, to understand if an electric vehicle is suitable for their lifestyle. The trial also offers the opportunity to decide which EV model best fits their individual circumstances.

    Developed under the premise, how can a car buyer really know if an EV is suitable if they can only take it for a short minute test drive? The Carly EV Trial helps to answer all the questions buyers have about using an EV for daily driving, commuting & long-distance travel, from how charging works, to the potential cost savings.

    Car buyers are then empowered to make an informed decision about buying or leasing an EV in the future.

    An EV Trial starts at 30 days, and can be extended to a month-to-month subscription.

    Popular EV models that can easily be booked online include Hyundai Kona, Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6, Genesis GV60, MG MG4, BYD Seal, Atto 3 and Cupra Born with more models and brands soon.

    With anxieties around transitioning to an EV currently plaguing many Australians, the Carly EV Trial aims to break down barriers and ease concerns as Australia pushes forward with EV adoption.

    The Carly EV Trial seeks to offer a richer experience and provide more answers than the current unsuitable options – EV test drives are too short, and rentals are too expensive and often do not allow the choice of a specific model of interest.

    Chris Noone, Carly CEO commented

    “The only way to know if an EV is right for you is to try it, that’s why we created Carly EV Trial. Many people are keen to transition to an EV, but they want to know it is the right decision for them before they make an expensive and important purchase”.

    “It’s not just buying a new car, it’s adopting a whole new technology, vocabulary and set of considerations that take time to appreciate”.

    “Not all people are early adopters and willing to take a risk on such a large purchase, that’s why it’s important we provide ways to eliminate EV anxieties through trial and education.”

    A big component of the Carly EV Trial is the education and support Carly offers before and during the  experience.

    Those who don’t know where to start can answer a quick five question survey to identify the best EV model for them to trial based on size, price, charging capabilities and range.

    When a customer signs-up to an EV Trial they have immediate access to Carly’s dedicated EV support team who will help them set-up their vehicle at pick-up and guide them through how the car works, as well as charging requirements.

    To make driving an EV for the first time even easier, every Carly EV Trial also includes a free 200kWh charge pack that can be used at any of the 1,500 Chargefox charging locations across Australia.

    Carly EV Trial is also available for business fleets seeking to understand the many complexities of an EV fleet transition.


    Neerav Bhatt
    Neerav Bhatt
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