Chargefox is giving away 3 months of free charging

EV Charging network Chargefox are celebrating a milestone of having more than 1,100 plugs across their network. Australian Electric Vehicle owners now have a chance to win one of 3 prize packs.

Each Chargefox prize pack includes 3 months of free charging at any of their network of chargers as well as charging cable. To enter to competition, it couldn’t be easier. Just roll up to a Chargefox charger, grab some charge any time between now and the January 5, 2020 to be in with a chance.

The three winners will be chosen randomly and announced on 6th Jan 2020. Each person (determined by their account via Chargefox app) gets one entry, additional charges don’t add additional entries.

The competition comes at a really great time in Australia, we’re heading into the Christmas / New Year period which mean a lot of people will be travelling to see friends and family.

As for the 3 months of free charging, it seems there’s no limit to the amount of kW you can draw from Chargefox or the number of times you can recharge. This means you should start planning your road trips now to take full advantage of the charging (should you win).

As for the free charger, you get to chose the charging cable, up to the value of A$300. That actually gives you plenty of options, when you look at the cables available from the likes of JetCharge. It’s likely you’ll want to pickup something like the Type-2 to Type-2 cable that allows you to recharge from some public chargers that require you to bring your own cable.

The value of a free summer of charging, differs greatly between EV owners. Depending on which EV you drive, how far you drive, the value will change.

When I shifted from an ICE vehicle to an EV, I calculated the savings based on what I would have spent on fuel. Personally I was spending around $60 per fortnight on petrol. Using these numbers simply as an example, the cost to transport yourself and potentially your family would be $60 x 6 = $360, however charging costs at home are often around 1/3rd the price of petrol.

With free transport, you’d be crazy not to find reasons to travel as much as you can and experience some of the amazing locations where Chargefox chargers are located.

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