Chinese Xpeng P7 EV starts customer deliveries

When it comes to Electric Vehicles, we tend to see the world through a lens of the vehicles that are available in our own county. I think it’s important to keep an eye out for developments across the globe, as the production of vehicles, is now very much a global game.

Today we have a major announcement out of China. Xpeng Motors has announced their latest EV is being delivered to customers, starting today, sharing this photo of trucks loaded up with dozens of P7s.

With up to 706km (NEDC) of range on a single charge, a 0-100km/h acceleration time and an advanced driver assist system known as XPILOT 3.0, it leverages Nvidia’s DRIVE Xavier chip, as well as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A vehicle processor.

This autonomous platform leverages 5 High-definition Millimetre Wave Radars, 12 Ultrasonic Sensors, 4 surround view cameras and an additional 10 high perception autonomous driving cameras.

Driver’s interact with the car through a 14.96″ 2K Touchscreen display, but also have a 10.25″ LCD Instrument Panel in front of the driver.

There’s also some very familiar attributes, like using your mobile phone as a key and over-the-air software updates. The car is available in RWD Long Range, RWD Super-Long Range and 4WD High Performance variants.

In terms of design, the car looks great, a modern front end with an LED light bar that spans the full width of the car, there’s flush door hands, and the familiar charge port cover in the rear quarter. While all EV wheels are a controversial topic, I think these look pretty nice, while achieving the necessary aerodynamic attributes for great range.

In terms of battery, Xpeng have partnered with CATL to include a 80.9kW/h battery.

In terms of price, the Xpeng P7 starts at RMB 229,900, which translates to A$47,324.93 or just $52,057.42 once you add GST. Of course we have additional taxes like stamp duty on top, but for the design, performance, and smarts on offer here, that’s an incredible price for an EV.

This is a car that’d be very welcome in Australia.

While the Model 3 has been a big success in China, the P7 represents it’s biggest competition yet, so it’ll be very interesting to see how things shape up a couple of quarters from now.

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  1. Can’t wait for this car to be available Down Under, find it hard to believe that price. It even has got a touch of a Citroen C6 in it.

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