Clubhouse welcomes Android users in new early access release

Since launching around a year ago exclusively to iOS, the hottest new social network, Clubhouse, now has an Android app. Available now to early access users, expanding to Android is incredibly important to expose a whole new audience to the platform.

Android accounts for somewhere between 72% and 83% of global smartphone sales. Back in July last year, Google confirmed more than 400 million devices were running Android version 10 or later.

The audio-only network allows you to find rooms known as Clubs, where you can drop in on the conversation. If you have something interesting to contribute, simply raise your hand and a moderator can invite you up on stage. I’ve found a lot of value over the past year in participating in conversations as part of the Tesla Universe Club. This regularly features participants that have large followings online on Twitter, YouTube and more, but hearing first hand accounts of progress on FSD beta and being able to ask questions, is a great example of what’s unique about Clubhouse.

Clubhouse says they’ve taken a measured approach to growth, which explains why the Android app has taken 12 months, admitting they started growing faster than expected which did have downsides, like widespread server outages and notification failures, and surpassing the limits of our early discovery algorithms.

It seems Clubhouse are confident they have those issues resolved as they open the door to Android users. Initially its rolling out in beta. While officially the rollout started with the U.S. today, I can personally confirm I have it in Australia.

Over the next few weeks Clubhouse will continue to take feedback from the community, fix any issues we see and work to add a few final features like payments and club creation before rolling it out more broadly.

If you are an Android user, you can download Clubhouse for Android and sign up now to be alerted once it’s available in your area, and read the FAQ here.

If you’re new to Clubhouse, they have released a User Guide to help you get familiar with the platform and I’ve noticed today, there’s a number of clubs welcoming new Android users.

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