Conroy launches new Internet Basics website

Internet Basics Website

The Internet Basics website was launched this morning by Minister Stephen Conroy. The new website is designed to help people who are new to the internet learn the basics of using the internet and aims to increase their confidence online. While most Australians are very comfortable online, there are plenty of Aussies that grew up without computers that still need help.

Federal Member for Chifley, Ed Husic, and national broadband champion, Nan Bosler were also on-board for this morning’s launch, along with a group of individuals from the target demographic. The website features simple videos on using the internet, and is all part of the larger NBN project. By educating people now, NBNCo can hope to avoid these home owners from turning down NBN fibre connections if they find benefits of being online now.

If you know someone who is learning to use the internet, encourage them to visit or just find the closest geek to give them some help. You can see a full gallery from the launch at NBNCo’s Facebook page.


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