Cupra el-Born EV hot hatch looks awesome, coming in early 2021

Last year SEAT renamed their motorsport division Cupra and now they’re ready to start shipping vehicles under that brand. The new all-electric hot hatch, known as the Cupra el-Born, will be launched at the end of the year, with deliveries expected early 2021.

The Cupra El-Born will come with a 82kWh battery estimated to reach 0-100km/hr in around 7.5seconds. That’s not exactly lightning speed, but for their first EV, expect this to be just the start.

The range should be around 250km per charge, which isn’t bad for a car of this size, but that is down on what market leader Tesla is able to achieve.

Overall, I think the styling of this car is its biggest drawcard. I think this looks great with one of the nicer front-ends for an EV, along with a

Cupra actually have a Leon E-Racer listed on their website, complete with a full aero racing body kit. This is expected to go 0-100 in just over 3 seconds and have a top speed of 270km/hr, so expect some of that tech to filter down.

As much as I hate concept vehicles, I think it is worth noting that Cupra also have the Tavascan, a mid-sized SUV that’s also and EV. While this brand is fairly new, it’s certainly one to watch in the future.

Even more interesting is that Seat is actually part of the Volkswagen group which includes other brands like Porsche and Audi who also have electric entrants in the market.

While we don’t know the price of the Cupra El-born, I’d love to see it push in the direction of a Golf GTi as personally I think it looks a lot better, just needs the performance and the price to match.

For those playing at home, a stock Golf GTi will do 0-100km/hr in 6.2s and costs around A$50,000.


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