DJI OM 5 now has a built-in extension rod

Overnight DJI announced the latest revision to their 3-axis handheld stablisers for phones, known as the DJI OM 5. This latest iteration looks fairly familiar with a metal clip that attaches to your phone, and magnetically clips to the OM5, but does have some new tricks.

The design now includes a built-in extension rod. If you’re trying to capture the action and want the position higher, or in handheld operation, further away from you, then you were previously expected to use the tripod mount in the bottom of the OM4.

This time around, there’s a 215mm extension rod, built right into the handle of the device. This is a really handy inclusion and doesn’t add to the overall size, while still maintaining the tripod mount in the base, should you need even further height. This extension can move the camera away from you, to provide wider group shots, while still gimbaling the footage.

There are some more refined curves on the OM5 that give the product a much more polished overall appearance while staying familiar in layout to keep upgraders happy. Phone stabilization has come a long way in recent years, but no amount of software magic can compare with hardware stabilisation. From the sample videos on the DJI site, we can see action being captured, while running and riding, creating silky smooth video, avoiding the nasty bumps that make videos hard to watch.

You can use the OM5 in vertical or horizontal orientation and even upside down if you need to focus on objects closer to the ground. Rotating between these orientations is easy, just double-tap the button on the right.

To extract the most out of the OM5, you’ll want to use the DJI MIMO mobile app which supports not only filming and photography options, as well as editing capabilities, so you can share your content with social media rapidly.

For those who are new to videography, you can rely on the new ShotGuides feature which provides up to 30 sets of pre-set shooting tutorials and supports automatic editing into one polished video.

The newly updated ActiveTrack 4.0 now supports tracking at up to 3x zoom at 5 m/s, and precisely identifies and steadily follows the subject centered in frame, even while in action. Other professional-grade features and pre-programmed shooting modes that make your content stand out include:

  • Gesture Control: Easily start and stop video recording or take photos by using hand gestures to control the DJI OM 5, perfect for capturing an epic selfie or group footage without a finicky self-timer.
  • DynamicZoom: A visually appealing cinematic look, DJI OM 5 automatically adjusts the zoom function to create the dramatic background shift made popular by Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse: Show the passing of time in a sped-up form using Timelapse; Motionlapse, which adds set movement points for the gimbal; or Hyperlapse to physically move with the gimbal. All three modes use Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology as well as the 3-axis gimbal for an added level of smoothness. Easily share these creative videos on social media for the world to enjoy.
  • Panoramas: Choose from three creative panorama options to capture a wider perspective including 3×3 panorama, 240°panorama and “CloneMe” panorama which allows the user to add multiple versions of a person or subject into one shot for a unique and creative effect.
  • Spin Shot Gimbal Movement: Activated in the DJI Mimo app and using the joystick, the gimbal will rotate the phone to give a spinning effect.
  • Story Mode Templates: Choose from one of the pre-set templates to add a creative spin to your content. The DJI OM 5 uses pre-set movements, music and color palettes for quick videos perfect for sharing on social media.
  • Glamour Effects: Supports automatic retouching and customized parameter settings. Glamour Effects will be automatically activated when switching to the front-facing camera.

DJI also include ActiveTrack 4.0 in their corresponding app. This is the same technology that DJI deploy in their drones to track objects and people throughout the scene and can enable the gimbal to rotate and follow the selected subject(s).

The DJI OM5 is available now in a choice of two colours, Athens Gray and Sunset White. It’s priced at A$239.00 and if you buy the DJI OM 5 before Sept. 30, you can get free shipping with code FSHIPPINGOM5.

If you’re worried if your phone is compatible, then done, the list of supported phones is pretty ridiculous, with the full PDF available here.

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