Dropbox Beta Available to Android users

It goes without saying that Dropbox is highly regarded as a cloud storage solution. What’s more, when Dropbox is combined with everyone’s favourite open source Operating system, Android, keeping your treasured files with you on-the-go truly becomes a reality. Therefore, when new builds are thrown out onto the web, I simply can’t help but take a peek and get my hands on the latest offering from the team with the little, blue box.

Coincidentally, speaking of updates, the latest Dropbox Beta build,, is now available directly from the Dropbox website for Android users to behold. Let’s take a quick peek at what’s available in…

Straight out-of-the-box (so to speak), you will notice that Beta Build has a new, clean interface for users to explore. Tabs that run horizontally at the top of your display allow you to cycle easily between your Home folder, Uploads manager and Favourites (which I will mention in furehter detail below). The new UI certainly has an ICS-esque feel to it, teasing those of us who haven’t upgraded from Gingerbread. In fact, Dropbox made note of the fact that this build has been “optimised” for Ice Cream Sandwich.

In addition to a nice, new look, Beta Build has also received several new features, that allow Dropbox users to take advantage of a more streamlined workflow. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to “bulk” upload files to your Dropbox folder;
  • The ability to rename files and folders, and;
  • The addition of Favourites. Favourites are files you wish to save offline, for easy access — anytime.

Although these new features are welcome ones, it is a shame not to see “bulk download” integration thrown into this release. Having said that, this is not a final release, and we may be lucky enough to have a late Christmas present thrown our way — I’ll keep my fingers crossed if you will.

Have you downloaded a copy of the Beta Build? If so, what is your first impression? What do you think could be improved for the next release? Throw me some comments, dear readers…

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