Evie Networks adds Ultra-fast charging to the Gold Coast, but its super expensive at 60c/kWh

Evie Networks is one of Australia’s largest charging networks for electric vehicles and last week it launched a new location on the Gold Coast. Positioned at the Shell Coles Express Coomera, the local charging site is next to one of the busiest highways in Queensland with around 163,000 vehicles passing by each day.

The new ultra-fast charging site offers 2x 350kW chargers in partnership with Viva Energy Australia. While all new charging locations are welcome, it’s the cost of charging at this location that has some EV owners up in arms.

Charging at the site is priced at $0.60c/kWh, which is one of the highest rates in the country. Competitor Chargefox offers the same ultra-fast charging at $0.40c/kWh and if you’re an RACV member, you can save 20% off. Even Tesla’s Superchargers are priced at $0.47c/kWh, so yes, asking 60 cents for every kWh is still.

For those considering electric vehicles, you should know that a majority of charging gets done at home, overnight when electricity rates are low, like around 15c/kWh low, making the cost of recharging just a few dollars a day and around 1/3rd the cost of petrol.

Having such a high cost here at this location, is likely to mean electric vehicle owners don’t charge as much as they otherwise would, instead just charging long enough to make it to the next charger. With more competition, it’s likely we’ll see price wars between charging providers, as we do with prices for petrol, diesel and gas that we do today.

The location has been selected to facilitate EV commuters and support those embarking on holidays to the Gold Coast, increasing tourism options for EV owners.

“For us, this is about planning ahead to help the Gold Coast become an electrically charged city.”

Evie CEO Chris Mills

Evie Networks is the most heavily funded EV charging operator in Australia. We are backed by the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund and Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

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