F1 2019 graphics look like incredibly real

Each season of Formula 1 is complemented by a video game by the experts at Codemasters. In a recently released video by UK-based Gfinity Esports, they show off a comparison between F1 2018 and F1 2019.

To say the differences are big this year would be an understatement. Of course, there’s cars and track updates, but its the visual appearance that is the biggest difference you’ll notice.

The clip starts out with 2018 which looks pretty good, cut to the footage from 2019 and the lighting, reflections, fog and vehicle detail like flares moving across the yellow paint of the Renault or the glossy finish on a new slick tyre, it just looks unbelievably realistic.

It is amazing how your perception changes when you see a new iteration of a game. I play and love F1 2018 and until now, thought it looked stunning, but after seeing this, it looks rubbish. Having the new level of detail added to the realism and immersiveness and therefore should deliver the experience we all dream of, tricking your brain into believing you’re controlling a multi-million dollar F1 car around the world’s best circuits.

Every year the release schedule has been a little awkward, landing very close to the end of the season, whereas most sim racers would love to follow along during the races and compete on the timesheet with their favourite driver.

Thankfully the 2019 release has been brought forward, meaning the second half presents an opportunity to compete with your times, with the latest vehicles

F1 2019 is due for release on Friday 28th June 2019 and is coming to Xbox and PC.

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